Sad Day on Everest

News from expeditions a lot of time turns into rumors, hit's the press and people are misinformed.  Unfortunately today's news from Everest was the opposite.  Today marks the worst disaster in Mount Everest's history, where 13 Sherpa were confirmed … [Read more]

Running…not a huge fan.

  I've never been a huge fan of running, especially on long stretches of pavement.  There a plenty of purists out there that don't (won't) deviate from the streets but that's not me.  I recently read where Rich Froning (Crossfit Champion) and … [Read more]

First Book Arrived!

It's just one month until Blind Descent starts shipping.  I received my first copy in the mail last week.  It is exciting and surreal to see the final product.  JoAnna and I have our trip to NYC planned for early May where I'll be promoting the … [Read more]

Kosciusko Summit!

Yesterday we made it back from 2 weeks in Australia.  The trip was a success and I feel so blessed to have my family travel the world with me.  Leaving on Valentines Day we first flew into Sydney where we walked around the city, Opera House and took … [Read more]