Retraining our Brains

I recently wrote an article for Mind Body Green called “I Went Blind At The Top Of Everest. Here’s How I Survived”. In the article I spoke about Faith and Focus, but I also touched on technology and social media, which I feel is a very important … [Read more]

Focus and Faith

After 10 days in Hawaii it's nice to be back home to enjoy the autumn colors of the Pacific Northwest.  While in Honolulu I was called in to be on a show for Trinity Broadcast Network.  JoAnna ended up being on the show with me, which was cool … [Read more]

Be a Doer not a Sayer

Many talk about what they are going to do but there's always some barrier (excuse) blocking their ability to accomplish their goals.  This is a major pet peeve of mine, but it also plays into my personality.  I'd rather remain silent and accomplish … [Read more]

Plan your adventure

The planning phase of an adventure is one of the most exciting parts of the journey.  It's where you somehow come up with an audacious goal, brainstorm and start imagining the possibilities.  As a fairly big goal-setter I tend to spend a lot of time … [Read more]